Why I Took A Break From Blogging

Why I Took A Break From Blogging

For those who know me well know the story of when I began blogging in Dallas. I just moved here and knew hardly anyone. I never lived in a major city before and it was quite intimidating.

One day back in 2014, I was watching Bravo TV and fell into a show called “Courtney Loves Dallas,” about a blogger here in the Big D. It was at that moment I realized just how big of a deal blogging must be in Dallas. I wanted to be part of the blogger/influencer world here.

It took me almost a year of hiding behind my Blogger blog before I built up the courage to buy my own domain and put myself out there. After working through a few kinks, I figured out the direction I wanted to go with my blog and went in full force. Every day I was excited to create and felt like a kid on Christmas.

Initially, I told myself I’d consider my blog a success if I could work with brands. Within just a few short months, I received collaboration offers. It all blasted forward from there.

I was getting local invites to events, restaurants, etc, and consistent collabs with large and small brands. I was living in hog heaven. The city felt smaller and smaller, and like I found my place in Dallas. As my following grew, I felt increasingly pleased with myself.

After years of working around the clock growing my brand, helping businesses get their name out there, and advising bloggers who wanted to do the same thing as me, I decided I wanted to make money, and not just receive freebies. My focus switched, and all I could think of was compensation. Over time, this took away from the fun and reason why I started a blog to begin with. I felt a little defeated.

Although I do feel I’ve earned my worth and deserve some sort of compensation for all I do for brands, I had to let go of the idea of money and project that feeling elsewhere. My blogger and influencer world was always meant to be my happy place. A place where I can bring together my passion of writing, photography, and fashion.

I still receive weekly invites for local and brand collaborations. I’m obviously still happy to receive compensation for the work I do, but I stopped putting that at the forefront of my focus. I just want to enjoy this other part of my life.

It was about my first or second year into blogging that I told myself even if I didn’t make a living off of my blog, I could still aspire for a career that encompasses this passion. I did turn that into my career path this year, and I’m so happy I can incorporate what I love to do.

If you ever find yourself questioning your happiness with what was once your passion, make sure to step back and reevaluate your priorities. Never lose focus of your “why”. Remember the reason you started in the first place.

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