Welcome To My New Blog

Welcome To My New Blog

What do y’all think? It’s been a long time coming, but I decided to start fresh with my blog. Although I had over 500 posts on my last blog, I felt it was time to begin anew.

This won’t be the final look of my blog. I still have more to add, but for now it’s live. I’m also working on a media website where I offer services with content creation, social media management, influencer events, website development, and more.

Until my media website is live, feel free to inquire about these services. I currently have a few clients, and am looking for more. I’m here for your media needs.

My next blog post will detail why I took a break from blogging. I learned and realized a lot of things about the blogging/influencer world since I started back in 2014. It’s something I love to do, and want to share more with you.

To find my most current content, be sure to follow me on Instagram. You will find much of that content transformed into blog posts over time so that I can further detail the fun. Make sure to subscribe to my blog so that you get my latest blog posts.

Feel free to leave any suggestions below, or just leave a friendly comment.

Bye, lovelies!


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